Best VPS hosting for your projects

Either you are a web developer or a student of computer science, it might have come up in your mind to have your own VPS server, and get if for free (for testing purposes).

Benefits of having a VPS

  • Install any software or server of your choice
  • Speed improvements
  • Dedicated resources
  • Certain software like Magento run better over a VPS or a dedicated server than a shared server
  • Easily install NodeJS and/or other javascript CLI tools like Ember-CLI, Angular-CLI or React-CLI

So, here is a list of some best VPS hosting services that you can try for your next project.

Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2)

Amazon offers a free tier to their EC2 (just a fancy name for their VPS)  service, where you can actually run any number of t1.micro or a t2.micro instances for free up to a year. The only catch here is that their EC2 service is priced hourly, so the free tier allows you to run 750 hours of your machine instance per month. It’s up to you how you use those hours. You could either run one Linux machine continuously for the entire month or run 10 machines for 75 hours each.

The benefit of EC2 is reliability and security. Of course, you can further scale your application once you feel you are getting more traffic or you figure out that Amazon EC2 is the service for you.

Digital Ocean Droplets

Digital Ocean is another reasonable choice if you are looking for cost-effective VPS. Their VPS services, called droplets, are priced pretty reasonably, and the cheapest option you can get is a 1GB droplet for $5 per month. Now, that does not seem like a bad deal after all. This is a good article on how to get started with your own droplet from Digital Ocean.

These are the two best that I have come up till now, once I find any other service, like Google Compute or Microsoft Azure any useful, considering the use case of small test projects, I would update this article.

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